How to choose photos for an album

Using FAVORITE feature allows you to choose images and leave a note. You can mark favorite images as it goes through the collection. You can come back to the collection at any time to edit or share your favorite images.

1. Find a picture you want to mark on,  then click  FAVORITE on the top of the image.

2. Enter YOUR email address

3. Now, you will see ‘Favorite’ on the image you added.

4. Once you’re done with selecting images. Go back to GRID view. Then click Red Heart (Favorite) on top right corner.

5. If you want to leave a note for retouching, click top right corner Add note and write a description about how you retouch it.

6. Make sure you got all the images from FAVORITE selection.

7. Once you’re done, please notify me. Click Paper Airplane and then Send to Photographer for sharing your favorite list.

That’s it!